“Ember” Blog Tour: Prima pagina (5)+Concurs!

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Continui ceea ce am inceput de dimineata in cadrul turului pentru cartea Ember”, cu o parte din rubrica „Prima pagina” ceea ce inseamna ca o sa va postez prima pagina din cartea „Ember”.

Ember (Ember #1)„Prologue: Nightmares
“Hold on.”
“Hold on. Don’t be scared.”
Please don’t let go. The pain is dizzying. Just do not let go of her. This is my fault, I’m sure of that now. Look her in the eyes and don’t let go of her. Whatever happens, don’t let her be scared. Be stronger, for her.
Nothing else matters now. Not the pain. Not my mistake. Not the taste of blood in my throat. Not the smell of ash all around us. All that matters is her…just her. Hold on.
“Hold on a little longer!” I scream. I’m starting to panic. Stop it! You know what happens when you panic. I have to calm down. Just breathe. Stay calm. Do it now, for her!
“Max I’m slipping!” she screams.
“No! I won’t let it happen!” I say focused. But she was right. I was losing her. I’m heating up again. Try harder and focus.
“Help me Max! My hands hurt…it burns! Help me! Please!” she cries louder. I’m so dizzy now. It’s too hot. I’m too hot now. I can’t hold her. She slips away and my heart breaks.
“Noooooooo!!!” she wails but her voice sounds so far away now.
Slow motion again. The dark pulls at the sides of my eyes and they burn something awful. Fight it. Fight the darkness. I reach out in front of me as far as I can. My eyes burn and I cannot see through my tears. But I can still see the look of terror on her face. I can still see her tears and her burnt and broken hands.
“Please no!” I beg. The world grows heavy.
“Don’t go…don’t go away…” Now I was screaming. She falls away.
I fade away…blackness.

Aceasta este prima pagina din prologul cartii „Ember” (format electronic).

Uite ca a venit si vremea concursului, care este de altfel primul concurs de pe blog din anul 2013. Acest concurs are legatura cu cartea „Ember”, iar pentru a intra sa vedeti despre ce este vorba, va invit sa dati un click aici:

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