Sonora, and the Eye of the Titans by Travis Hall

After a malicious prank, Allora stands humiliated on the football field of Sandy High School surrounded by a throng of laughing teenagers. Anger coursing through her veins, she lets out a guttural scream, as her hands spontaneously burst into balls of flames. Unbeknownst to the sixteen year old, her erratic outburst sent forth an energy signature attracting otherworldly assassins who have been searching Earth for an integral group of rebels who are hiding in the small Oregon town of Sandy. Allora, and her friends Katie, Dax, and Tanner, learn that Earth’s history has been skewed to keep the secrets of a planetary world called Sonora. Linked to Earth by natural portals, Sonora has been taken over by a villainous King, bent on conquering all of humanity. Three assassins descend on the small town, infiltrating their school, and stalking in the forest in their quest to defeat the last remnants of the rightful royal lineage. Pursued by these creatures, Allora and her friends train under the tutelage of a sage named Sumatra. They learn the ways of combat, master the art of the sword, and harness the ability to focus Hadrons in order to fulfill their destiny as true Sonorian warriors. The only hope for Allora to protect the ones she loves is to find an ancient artifact, known as The Eye of the Titans. In order to find the Eye of the Titans, the four teens must solve complex riddles, fight mythical creatures, and navigate a cavernous maze, all the while traversing advanced calculus, jealous girlfriends, and the much anticipated prom.



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