Eve-un nou serial

Get ready to set your DVRs for “Eve.” Sure, the YA novel doesn’t hit bookstore shelves until October 4, but it’s never too early to prepare for your next book-to-small-screen obsession, is it?

Following in the footsteps of other adaptations we love (think: “Pretty Little Liars” and “Gossip Girl”), the producers behind “The Vampire Diaries” are already developing a pilot for this dystopian tome. And if you’re itching for a taste of the novel and what a potential series could look like, feast your eyes on the EXCLUSIVE book trailer below!

Set in a world in which a virus has wiped out much of the population, 18-year-old Eve is among the survivors left in the confines of an all-girl school, where she’s been taught to fear boys. But when Eve discovers her true after-graduation fate, she runs away from the only home she’s ever known—and smack dab into dreamy Caleb, who slowly earns her trust. As she and Caleb begin to be hunted, though, Eve may have to sacrifice her life for the one she loves.

Sounds juicy, huh?

“Eve” is the first in a trilogy penned by Anna Carey, and is available wherever books are sold starting October 4. Order the hardcover edition or download the ebook today!

Nu stiu voi dar eu abia astept sa apara serialul.

Cartea in caz ca nu stiti a apaturt la Leda.


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